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What Are the Advantages of Hammer Milling Whole Grain Flour ?


What Are the Advantages of Hammer Milling Whole Grain Flour ?

Grain milling has come a long way over history. Archaeological findings show ancient Egyptians used saddle stones to grind wheat. Through the centuries, scientific advances have seen the development of more sophisticated milling methods and one such modern method is hammer milling. The hammer milling process uses steel rollers to grind grains. Whatever method used to grind whole grains, millers are primarily concerned about the quantity which can be produced efficiently without destroying the nutrients in the grains.

Efficiency in Production

  • The hammerheads used to grind grains in hammer mills operate at very high speeds. The result is a greater amount of flour can be milled when hammer mills are used, as compared to other milling methods such as stone-milling. While stone milling has its distinct advantages, it is not viable for large milling corporations which have to work on thousands of tons of grain on a daily basis. Hammer-milled flour is therefore ultimately more cost effective.


Preservation of Nutrients

  • One of the greatest criticisms leveled against hammer milling is that the ultra-high speeds used in the milling process strip away a substantial percentage of the nutrients contained in whole grains. Yet, even the World Food Program concedes there are practical reasons for refining cereals such as in hammer milling. The refining of wheat, for example, makes it easier to use in the making of bread. Additionally, the removal of bran and germ from grains improves storage shelf life. It is possible for millers to have the best of both worlds--to produce flour efficiently without compromising nutrition. This is achieved by milling at lower temperatures than the ultra-high ones used in some hammer mills. A temperature of 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit leaves most of the whole grain nutrients intact.



  • Grinding of whole grains using hammer mills guarantees hygiene and greater flour quality, as opposed to ancient methods such as stone milling. A concern with stone grinding was the stones used in grinding would disintegrate and end up in the flour. This presents a hygienic challenge which is overcome when hammer millers are used.


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