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How to Choose Salt and Pepper Grinders or hammer mills?


How to Choose Salt and Pepper Grinders or hammer mills?

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If you love gourmet flavor, you know how important freshly ground salt and pepper can be. But, did you know that not all grinders are the same? Some grinders can even rust if you use them to grind salt. There are a few steps you can follow to find the perfect salt and pepper grinders. 

1.Avoid plastic grinders. Plastic grinders may work well in the beginning, but soon you'll notice that the plastic is being ground away. This is not a fun realization when you consider where the plastic went. Instead, choose a metal or wooden grinder.

2.Choose a ceramic or stainless steel grinding blade. A ceramic or stainless steel grinding blade is essential for grinding salt. Salt will quickly rust metal grinding blades. While a ceramic/stainless steel blade may cost more, it's essential if you plan on grinding any type of salt.

3. Make sure you can adjust the grind size. This is essential because it allows you to get a fine to coarse grind.

See how is it works on Youtube:


4.Look for extra features. Salt and pepper grinders now come with bells and whistles. For example, you can now find electric models that can be turned on by pushing a button or simply turning the grinder upside down. Another popular feature is a built-in light that allows you to better see where your salt and pepper is going.

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