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How to make chocolate with spice grinder ?


How to make chocolate with spice grinder ?

Things You’ll Need:

        Cocoa bean


        Roasting pa




      Morter and pestle
      Spice grinder
              Vanilla bean

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Step 1:
First, there’s the acquisition of the cocoa beans.

Step 2:
Sprinkle your beans onto a baking sheet and bake at about 400 degrees for a half an hour.

Step 3:
Shuck the beans. Use this time to work out your frustrations. Go ahead, swear, scream and work out a sweat. Ok, you’re done! Such is the literal tedium that is shucking a cocoa bean’s husk.

Step 4:
Once your cooked, shucked beans are cool, grinding them in batches, with your pestle. Small shards are a good thing to look for.

Step 5:
Pour these shards into your spice grinder–no spice grinder? Then you really have no business making chocolate at home. Buy one. Or just buy a Hershey bar. Uhh, ok, Toblerone.

Step 6:
Get the right consistency. It should be smooth but not liquid. If the beans liquefy, you’ll have a nastier time cleaning your grinder than you did shucking the beans.

Step 7:
Once your have your dream chocolate texture, pour your mixture into a heavy-bottomed pan and heat gently. Once heated through, add your flavorings. Of course you’ll be adding sugar, and I like to add a vanilla bean or two. If you’re wild, try some chili powder.

Step 8:
Taste every step of the way–it’s fun to watch your bitter beans turn into creamy, sweet chocolate. Also, the amount of spice and sugar you put into your beans depends on what you going to do with it. Chocolate bunnies in molds? Uber-sweet is great. As a fudgy chocolate sauce over ice cream? I like mine a bit more semi-sweet. You get the idea.

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