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How to Convert Wood to Pellet? Use best wood hammer mills


How to Convert Wood to Pellet?

                                 --Use best wood hammer mills

Wood pellet is a type of extremely dense fuel that burns with a very high combustion efficiency. Often made from sawdust, wood pellet is an alternative to less efficient chopped wood. 

With the demand for wood pellets increasing, their cost has also risen, making them less of an affordable option, especially during the peak winter months. To avoid paying more for wood pellets, make them out of your own supply of wood--whether scrap wood or wood from the fireplace pile.


1.Put a tarp on the ground and bring any wood you'll be using over to the tarp. As you're piling the wood next to the tarp make sure to take out anything that doesn't belong.

2.Set up the wood chipper on the tarp and begin feeding the wood into the chipper. Feed the wood slowly, making sure it is thoroughly ground up.

3.Place a bin or bucket in front of the wood chipping dispenser to catch the ground up wood.

4.Collect any sawdust that misses the bin or bucket and falls onto the tarp. This can also be used in making wood pellets.

5.Dry the chipped wood in the dryer at a temperature of 600 degrees. Put the larger pieces of wood into the dryer first because they take longer to dry. Dry the wood until most of the moisture is gone.

6.Run the dried wood chips through the hammer mill, which will turn the wood into a pasty substance.

7.Pour the pasty substance from the hammer mill into the pellet press, adding any sawdust as well. To properly form wood pellets make sure the press rollers maintain a constant pressure on the die. Keep feeding the pellet press until you have as many wood pellets as you desire.

8.Put the newly formed wood pellets on a flat surface to let them dry. Let the pellets cool slowly to avoid brittle or fractured pellets.

9.Discard any broken pellets or loose wood material before storing and using your homemade wood pellets.

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