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Automatic wall plastering machine price

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Posted : 2018-12-23 14:45:23, Detail:Automatic wall plastering machine price,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : CANADA /Korea /Russia/ GREECE/ USA/ UK/ FRANCE/ SPAIN/ Australia/Sri Lanka/Vietnam/India/Africa/Pakistan/Egypt/ Other countries.
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  • Automatic wall plastering machine price

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      50-80 m2/HOUR, 1-2 WORKERS
      Wall plastering machine working videos:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgvcjFu7jTo

      Packaging & Shipping Automatic exterior wall plaster machine

      1. The machine volume :standard export wooden packing volume 1-1.2m3.

      2. The reinforcement :steel reinforced wooden box.

        3. The machine form our factory to port just need 1-3days , We provide customers with the highest quality products and services, the highest efficiency.

      The machine has a huge market potential . After thousands of changes and experiments , we have made successfully the easy-to –use machine with much lighter which has much better evenness . It can plaster the internal corner and the joint seam .

      The New Upgrade Version-for Automatic wall plastering machine,More Powerful

      Automatic Wall Plastering Machine/Wall Rendering Machine/Plastering Machine Price Introduction

      This Automatic Wall Plastering Machine is a ideal equipment for residential building, office building indoor wall plastering .It can be put used for plastering concrete wall, brick wall, hollow wall, light body brick wall, baking free brick wall, etc. The raw material can be white ash, stone powder, foam mortar, cement powder, dry powder mortar, gypsum, etc.


      Features of Automatic Wall Plastering Machine

      1. It is new machine instead of handmade in construction plastering area.

      2. The capacity is as 15 professional plasterers.

      3. The quality is subject to international wall plastering standard.

      4. Very easy and simple to operation

      5. Saving more than 20% raw material (cement &sand)

      6.It can plaster the wall automatically and go up and down automatically.

      7.It can plastering by one-time.The thickness of the ash can be adjusted.

      8.Easy to move,without removing any parts of the machine.

      9.It has large capacity hopper,you can put the ash/lime/gypsum in it one-time.

      10.Easy to operate.One or two person can operate.

      11.The quality is up to the international standard.Leakage protection device with high sensitivity, suitable for construction site safety and reliability 

      Wall plaster machine,Automated Mortar Plastering,Rendering Machine,Cement plastering machine,automatic wall plastering machine price in india,wall plastering machine in sri lanka,pls send your inquire to get the new price and working videos.
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