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Peanut picker machine

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Posted : 2012-09-19 22:05:56, Detail:Peanut picker machine,High quality & Good Price!
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  • Peanut picker machine

      peanut picker machine

      groundnut harvesting machines

      peanut harvester machine

      groundnut picking machine

      earthpea picker

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      Peanut picker mainly peanut frame, motor (diesel), transmission parts, pick the fruit from part, fans please choose part, fan choose part, vibration institutions. When homework from motor or diesel engine drive machines feed the entrance or automatic feeding machine into the pick fruit system, by roller extracts rod rotation blow peanuts from stem, fruit and sundry through the gravure hole drops to vibrating screen, stem from the material mouth eduction, scattered in vibrating screen of noise by vibrating screen to suck the fruit fan noise mouth row miscellaneous, select clean fruit thus finish the whole process.

      The net has picked rate high, low, breakage of qing choose clean, high working efficiency, the reasonable structure, the ground move between convenience etc.

      There are several model of hammer mill for you choose:






      550 kg/h

      Picking Rate--%



      Breaking Rate---%



      Cleaning Rate---%




      4.0 kw

      7.5 kw





      230 kgs

      420 kgs

      Our feature products: hammer mills,grain hammer mill,corn/maize/wheat floor mill,farm 

      machinery,feed processing machinery,feed pellet machine,peanut processing machine,

      corn sheller and thresher,wood processing machine,etc.

      Moreover, our products have attained ISO9000 Certificate.

      Taking "Sincerity makes trust, Quality wins market"as our business philosophy, Our 

      company always puts quality in the first place and meet our customers' needs by ensuring 

      high quality products and the most professional services, Therefore, our products have 

      been exported to almost the whole world and enjoyed a good reputation from our 

      customer for years.

      For warranty parts and service:

      **1 year warranty.

      **Within warranty period, all exchanges due to defects are free (Buyer is responsible for shipping charges).

      ** Within warranty period, As to after-sales service, all the freight fare and accommodation will be paid by buyer. 

      If you are interesting to know more details and video,please feel free to contact with us:

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